Art work

Dear devotees, friends we are familiar with Mohit, Manhar Mukutwala, since almost 20 years. He is devotional, artistic and always coming up with new designs, concepts, ideas which he is using in making wonderful outfits. We wish him all the best so he can continue and improve in his devotional attempt to please Hari, Guru and the vaisnavas in making more and more beautiful dresses.

Mukunda Prabhuji

Head Pujari @Iskcon Vrindavan

DeitySkirt patterns

Turban decorations

Painted Backdrops

Manhar embroidery

Pioneers in making deity dresses across the world for more than 25 yea

manhar retails

High end boutiques of dresses,shringar, accessories ,and puja articles

bluecow private limited

Delivering ur divine parcels

manhar temple designs

high quality craftmanship in wood carving with loving divine fingers of our artisan

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